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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hathaway Hudson Cant Sell Bridewars

Anne Hathaway

The film opens with two children, hopelessly dreaming about their perfect wedding at The Plaza, then transitions to them trying to destroy each other and ends with their best friends. Well, at least this is the case of the horrible movie Bride Wars. Meanwhile, the lack fiancs, friends and family have to do with their monstrous behavior and selfish antics. They hate each other, but hidden inside theyre miserable because theyre no longer BFFs. Two best friends get married on the same day is a disaster. All this is done with a series of over-the-top drama between. The coup, which Anne Hathaway stars as Emma and Kate Hudson as Liv, is nothing short of ridiculous.

Love Shocked By Hilton Quot Snapshots

Courtney Love

I mean, you not only had a grand piano with - I swear to God - perhaps thousands of images of herself, but I was in the bathroom, and there have been all over the world with images of his. The rocker revealed that I could t even go to the toilet without his radiant Hilton on the wall. Courtney Love was hit by a recent visit to Paris Hilton house, because the picture was a success of herself in the world. . But what is strange that Pari had so many pictures of himself all over the world. Im Just Trying To Pee And Theres Just. Love tells Heeb magazine, I like Paris, it funny.

Lily Allen Quot Topless Text Shocks Receiver

Lily Allen

Ricky Wilson, singer of the band for the United Kingdom Kaiser head, was quite a shock when he opened his phone and saw Allen vulgar camera-phone photography, OK! Relations. Minutes later, he texted, Sorry - Wrong Ricky! Hmm, I suppose that Ricky was to receive the message?. Dear Lily Allen: If you choose to send a topless photo of yourself, make sure it is going to the receiver.

Close Shave Reminds Kate Beckinsale How Lucky Her Daughter Is

Kate Beckinsale

I m sure that why not Lily t feel like divided parents: Your father-in-law helping to shave your biological father is not t necessarily something that happens in every family. The two men in Kate Beckinsale actress life to get so good, a beard helped another thick beard off. . We Len clippers and shaved Michael. Beckinsale, who has a daughter from Welsh actor Michael Sheen --her ex-boyfriend, is married to Underworld Len Wiseman director - and the two boys are good friends. Beckinsale says, has had a huge beard Michael recently and I decided that it would be funny if Lily has a beard at the start. L actress, 10 years, Lily, is called for both dad and not the whole family together - even shaving.

Mafia Ii Holiday Confessions Commentary Part Ii

Mafia Ii

Now we ve got fresh screens from the trailer, as well as further comments from Jack SCALICI, the director of production is at2K Czech.In, Scalicidiscusses game characters and stories to an extent not found earlier.. Last week we debuted extended Mafia II HD version of the trailer that was before television in the past year. The video shows the player attending a confession to a great cathedral, before following ways in a montage of scenes of action.